Tënk would not exist without the numerous partners who support us with their financial or institutional backing, or media coverage. Our thanks go to:


Le CNThe CNC, for accompanying us in our earliest development stages and now supporting our programming.
The CNC-Images de la Culture, for giving us access to the films in its catalogue.
The SCAM, for enabling us to offer the “Dream Drafts” Scope, and the SACEM for the “Music” and “Listen” scopes.
Tënk is the platform for the online distribution of the Cinémathèque du Documentaire via, among others, the Port of Call programming.
Initiactive, an organisation to support the local economy in Drôme-Ardèche, for helping us to launch Tënk.
Regional and local authorities also supported us: The Région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, and the Department of the Ardèche, for backing us from the start in developing our project and for continuing to offer their support today.



Mediapart has offered precious advice since the very start of this adventure. They now help us fund the distribution of 2 films per month, which are offered at the same time on their site.
Arrêt Sur Images organises debates on certain films shown on Tënk. Together, we construct screening-debates on the internet.
We programme one film a month with France Inter (as part of the “Capture d'écrans” programme presented by Dorothée Barba) and France Culture (as part of “La Série documentaire” programme presented by Perrine Kervran).



Tënk is in touch with the Images Documentaires journal, and the websites blogdocumentaire.fr and filmdocumentaire.fr to enable Tënk subscribers to complete their documentary exploration with the analyses, interviews and feature articles that these three prestigious partners offer, providing crucial additional information that we regularly update in coordination with the editors of our partner sites.



We would like to thank the festivals that welcome us and offer a space for expression:

Trieste Film Festival

Et merci à l'Union Régionale des SCOP de nous avoir aidés à créer une SCIC et à la faire vivre.
Merci au FISO (Fonds d'Innovation Sociale), au FRIS (Fonds régional d'investissement solidaire), au Crédit Coopératif de Valence et à SOCODEN de nous faire confiance en nous octroyant des prêts.