A channel for independent documentaries

Tënk is a new video platform soon to be launched this summer showcasing independent documentaries. Its aim is to champion the genre, keep it alive (against the backdrop of crisis in French documentary film production) and ensure that documentary films continue to be both seen and produced. Tënk will not only show films, but also has medium-term plans to co-produce new documentaries. 

In today’s fast-paced information age, where the media has melded into one standardized mass bombarding us with images, creative documentaries clear a space for filmmakers to offer a personal vision, and depict a reality that is in no rush to take shape, and left open to interpretation.


Lineup available

Subscribers will have access to a permanent selection of over 60 documentaries, all available to view for 2 months, with 7 to 10 new titles added per week. The films will be drawn from a diverse range of sources: museum and regional film libraries as well as filmmakers associations and institutions that have been co-producing indie documentaries for many years; editors’ picks selected by the media, prizing quality above ratings wars; graduation films and special lineups to tie in with major international festivals.

Tënk offers such wide-spanning content thanks to its private and public-sector links with cultural bodies and the media, as well as professional associations and local authorities (including Scam, Sacem, Mediapart and the Rhône-Alpes regional authorities, to name a few).


Who are we ?

The Tënk project originally came to life in Lussas, a village in the Ardèche in southeast France, made famous for its documentary film festival “États généraux du film documentaire”, which over the last 30 plus years has built up a reputation as being one of the key festivals of its genre in Europe. Lussas today is a leading light in documentary cinema worldwide : not just a major fixture on the international calendar, it is equally renowned for its exceptional work throughout the rest of the year. 

In this small village counting a population of only 1,000 people, 40 staff work across 10 different structures to cover each stage of the documentary process from start to finish: training, production, distribution and international strategy. They are all banded together within the association “Le Village Documentaire”, which initially hatched the Tënk project, and brought it to fruition in February 2016. Since then, Tënk has in fact set itself up as a social enterprise in the form of a community interest limited company, also based in Lussas. Today it groups together the different structures belonging to the “Le Village Documentaire” with around 50 shareholders.


Where can I find Tënk ?

Tënk is a VoD platform offering multiple viewing options. As of summer 2016, it will be available online, on your computer or tablet, in France, Switzerland, Belgium andLuxembourg.

The mid-term strategy is to become accessible as part of the IPTV packages offered via set-top boxes, by securing agreements with the different internet service providers such as Free, Orange or SFR-Numericable, and via other connected devices.


How much is the subscription fee ?

The subscription fee will be around 6 euros / month. The Tënk model depends on the commitment of its subscribers to ensure that it lives on as an independent structure.


What does the work "tënk" mean ?

In Wolof, a West African language, "tënk" means: "sum up your thoughts".


How will the films be protected against piracy ?

Tënk ensures that all films will be secured with triple-level protection: access restrictions, AES and HLS encryption and SSL protection.