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Ireland, Spain, 2016

Original music : Eryck ​Abecassis Production : Grismedio, Soilsiu Films

Programmed by Éva Tourrent





John and Amanda teach Latin, English and guitar at a fantastical stately home-turned-school. Nearly 50-year careers are drawing to a close for the pair who have become legends with the mantra: “Reading! ’Rithmetic! Rock ’n’ roll!” But for pupil and teacher alike, leaving is the hardest lesson.

Tënk's opinion

Side by side, two accomplices hiding in one of the stately home’s nooks and crannies, John and Amanda share a cigarette between lessons as they animatedly discuss the students they teach and mentor from day to day. Will joining the rock band give Eliza her smile back? Will Ted manage to overcome his dyslexia and get up on stage? Because it’s not just about loving literature or maths in this boarding school that resembles Hogwarts… Here, the students learn to live together, and, in the end, grow up. For an entire school year, we’re immersed in the life of this place alongside these two atypical teachers in a film that’s filled with tenderness and moments of radiance. It’s a movie that teenagers can watch and the whole family can share, as we say to ourselves that, ultimately, the greatest learning experience is the lesson of life.

Éva Tourrent
Tënk’s Artistic Director

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