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13 days


France, 2003

Production : Les Films du village

Programmed by Sylvain Bich




Stories that children invent, tell, put into action with their Barbie dolls. In 52 minutes we discover what goes on behind the bedroom door as soon as we turn our backs : an imaginary world with its players of both sexes and its rules that the children express with precision.

Tënk's opinion

“Let’s pretend that…”, “Let’s say that…” Who doesn’t remember phrases like these to start a game or story? “Pour du Vrai” invites us to follow these children as they play, develop and wander. We’ve probably forgotten, or neglect the fact that there’s absolutely nothing trivial about play, nothing naïve or gratuitous. Children’s imaginary worlds are populated, structured and sometimes overwhelmed by the challenges and problems of the society they grow up in. Filming at the height of the dolls the girls are playing with, Manuela Frésil reveals the way they perceive their daily lives. And while this frontality can sometimes make us smile because the situations are so very basic, it becomes chilling when, in the final sequence, two teenage girls “play” a final game that we guess is a bit too close to reality.

Sylvain Bich
Film projectionist

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