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Chile, France, 2017

Original music : Alexandre del Torchio Production : Ballesta films

Programmed by Lysa Heurtier Manzanares


English, French



A teenagers prison in the middle of the Mapuche countryside, in the South of Chile. Every night the teenagers are attacked by recurrent nightmares. The film is an exploration about the link between their lives, their crimes and their nightmares, about the influence of a territory on their dreams.

Tënk's opinion

Dreams of the Castle
A prison of saturated colours. A castle of light, enclosed within an indigenous and haunted graveyard. In the prison cells, rosaries hang from the foot of the beds, posters of armed rappers, Catholic crosses, open bibles and condoms. Far from their parents and their first girlfriends, these teenagers talk of the nightmares that haunt their slumber. Dreams of gypsies, of Mapuche, of gangsters from the poor districts.Such is the way they talk of their experience of violence, the violence they have endured, they have perpetrated, the violence that lasts. Hence, they voice what, perhaps, cannot otherwise be uttered.
The fantasy world that unfolds through this film is that of a childhood, capricious and lonely, and which, within these walls, is tinted with horror and terribly poignant.

Lysa Heurtier Manzanares

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