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France, 2020

Production : Silex Films, Frenzy Paris

Programmed by Benoît Hické



En sélection officielle pour le César 2022 du meilleur court métrage documentaire



Louise Mootz grew up in the 20th arrondissement of Paris, between the Stalingrad and Belleville neighbourhoods. In this film full of knowing energy specific to her generation, the director films her best friends, captured as tender and wild Amazons who face their desires and their condition as women.

Tënk's opinion

This intense film offers us a delve into the daily lives of a group of friends from northeastern Paris (a zone located between the Stalingrad and Gambetta quarters). It tears down frontiers, in a great cinematographic gesture. Through these blinding capsules of life, Louise de Mootz succeeds in offering a great film on the colours of life, on the night and the energies that run through them. She also successfully invents a colorimetry that embraces all the nuances, the collisions, the laughs and the tears, in this often raw Commedia dell’arte to which Bonnie, Dounia, Solveig, Héloïse and Lila surrender. A band of girls, sometimes wise to the world, always moving, who read "Masculine Domination" by Pierre Bourdieu, as they buzz around other girls and boys in bursts of laughter, or who struggle to conceal their profound sensitivity and fragilities, under their blue wigs. Behind this vivid documentary in contact with the streets of Paris, there is a reflection on the road to adulthood, on family, on sisters and, more particularly, on the capacity of cinema to render the very essence of life.



Benoît Hické
Programmer and professor



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