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France, Madagascar, 2013

Programmed by Lysa Heurtier Manzanares

French, Malgache




L’Université de Tamatave est censée former les futurs cadres de Madagascar, pourtant le quotidien des étudiants rime avec désordre, indiscipline, insalubrité, voire insécurité. La fatalité politique y règne déjà et les étudiants et l’administration se renvoient la faute continuellement. Le campus B5 est le reflet de ce pays qui va mal.

Tënk's opinion

Despite the daily struggles against power cuts and absent teachers, what ultimately comes across in this film is the vibrancy of youth. The students’ energy and passion contrasts with the backdrop of grimy, graffitied walls, makeshift washing-lines and a rickety basketball hoop.  What I take away from this short film over and above the dismal, helpless depiction of the situation in Madagascar, are the beautiful, smart, individual characters. The poignancy of the situation is captured by a shot of one of the student’s t-shirts on which is written:  “ Kid you’ll move mountains”.

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