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Austria, Germany, 2019

Production : ZDF, Navigator Film, Ma.Ja.De Fimproduktions Gmbh

Programmed by Line Peyron


French, English

Sesterce d'or - Meilleur long métrage de la Compétition Internationale - Visions du réel 2019

Visions du Réel's Films


Thomas Heise has been working on this film for a very long time. He retraces the story of his family through the upheavals of 20th century German history. The film explores the German landscape, capturing its bare essence. Against this background of a country once divided and now reunified, the narrative of the story of the filmmaker’s family unfolds as if searching for geographical and topographical references. The entire history of Germany is retold in the perspective of a country–the GDR–that no longer exists.

Tënk's opinion

Buried within us in our history, in history itself, linger memories and traces, memories that we can’t understand, that remain closed-off to us. This monumental work on which Thomas Heise has embarked opens with a red herring, and it’s not Little Red Riding Hood or a fairy tale. It’s a family saga with multiple ruptures, in which the events of the past century are reflected and collide. It becomes a resolute refusal addressed to all those storytellers who tend to transfigure history. Inexorably, it raises the question of the relationship between past and present, of knowing whether or not we can learn from it. This film makes a striking statement of impressive beauty that, by creating this space in time, touches the depths of our souls. 



Line Peyron
Head of diffusion of Tënk



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