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Switzerland, 2016

Original music : Blade&Beard, Ghazal Shakeri, Roland Widmer, Stefan Willenegger Production : Christian Frei Filmproductions

Programmed by Luc-Carolin Ziemann



Visions du Réel


Anoosh and Arash are the heroes of Tehran’s underground techno scene. But they are tired and disillusioned with the eternal game of hide and seek from the police and their stagnant careers. Even so, under dangerous circumstances, they organize one last ecstatic rave in the desert. When Anoosh is arrested at a party, the last glimmer of hope for a future in Iran died out. But then they receive a call from the Street Parade in Zurich, the largest techno party in the world. In Switzerland they feel as if they are living in another Sphere, where millions of ravers gather on the streets and the two are received as stars. But the euphoria quickly evaporates when the departure date comes closer and confronts them with a big decision …

Tënk's opinion

This film invites us into a reality we would never been able to witness as travellers in Iran. Arash und Anoosh are no political activists, they are just two young men dreaming about a life where a Techno party is not a reason to incarcerate them. The film is especially strong when it focuses on observation. To see the incredulous exchange of glances in the face of government-organized drug checks and thousands of scantily clad people dancing in the streets speaks more than words and the silence in the taxi to the airport tells about the enormous inner turmoil without one word spoken.

Luc-Carolin Ziemann
Programmatrice, auteure et formatrice cinéma


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