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Belgium, 2018

Production : La Chose à trois jambes, CVB (Centre Vidéo de Bruxelles)

Programmed by Sophie Dufau



The Political Process


In Brussels, a group of residents embarks on a five-year quest to find, purchase and renovate a home for a sanitary facility which would restore the dignity of the city’s most vulnerable dwellers and lift up their spirits. Confronted with the political reality of the city, their undertaking unfolds as a real nail-biter.

Tënk's opinion

The idea of the citizens’ association DoucheFLUX is full of common sense… even the most deprived people have the right to a nice hot bath so that they can relax a bit, feel clean and maybe regain a little self-confidence. And the group of humanists from Brussels that runs it is full of energy and imagination. Yet the project is strewn with pitfalls at every step… from fundraising to visiting buildings, from meetings with administrations to applying for planning permission, from pitching arguments to potential donors to carrying out the building work… spanners are thrown in the works as soon as the project points out the ineptitude of public policies and their obsession with confining misery to the margins in an attempt to make it invisible.
As sanctions for the unemployed, evictions of migrant camps and the installation of anti-homeless street furniture become increasingly rife, this film manages to restore imagination as a driving force for citizen action in the face of a political impasse.



Sophie Dufau
Journalist for Mediapart



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