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France, 2019

Original music : Bertrand Blessing Production : Yami 2 Productions

Programmed by Laury-Anne Cholez

French, English


The Political Process


After the summer of 2018 with its heat wave, wildfires and the sensational resignation of French Environment Minister Nicolas Hulot, a group of young people, shocked by the government’s inaction over the climate emergency, decides to join forces. They rent La Base, their HQ, in the heart of Paris. Brewing since COP21, an informal international climate collective has been bringing together different European protest movements including Extinction Rebellion, Ende Gelände, Alternatiba, and ANV-COP21. After an initial victory (the petition known as the Affair of the Century with 2 million signatures in a fortnight), the activists at La Base organise for 134 portraits of Emmanuel Macron to be taken down in town halls. This is their first major civil disobedience action.

Tënk's opinion

This is immersion in the heart of the climate movement. Élodie, Pauline, Sandy, Gabriel and Elliot have decided to fight tooth and nail to defend their ideas and take part in civil disobedience. We follow them as they roam their Parisian HQ, La Base, behind the scenes as they organise demonstrations, and as they train at the climate camp. We cringe as they’re taken away by the police. We’re moved by the discussions with their families who are trying to understand their choices. An intimate and poignant documentary that leaves one question unanswered… Will disobedience be enough to change the course of things and bring about a more sustainable society?

Laury-Anne Cholez
Journalist with Reporterre

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