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France, 2010

Production : Télénantes, 24images

Programmed by Christophe Kantcheff


The Political Process


We’re taken on an unusual journey over a year, following the progress of Françoise Verchère, local MP, mayor, vice president of the General Council and Head of Environmental Affairs. In a unique relationship with the director, between Kafkaesque meetings with technocrats, an anti-GMO sit-in and heated debates about local wind turbines, the MP talks about her ideas and describes her hopes and disappointments.

Tënk's opinion

When Luc Decaster comes to film her, Françoise Verchère’s career is in a state of flux. The Vice President of the Departmental Council has resigned as Mayor and left the Socialist Party. But this woman’s sincerity and tenacity light up the screen as she fights for a fairer, cleaner world. As a local MP, Françoise Verchère tries to tip the balance of power in favour of the weak and stop private interests from obscuring the common good. Faced with residents protecting their own back yards and dealing with technocrats and other narrow-minded officials, she argues tirelessly, occasionally allowing her uncompromising temperament to shine through with a very cutting remark. Decaster provides an answer to the question of how to film politics: without partisanship, avoiding the private sphere or “celebrity effect”, all abstraction aside, via a strong character. The director offers us a sensitive portrait of an MP who chooses not to climb the political ladder in order to keep her independence – a free woman.

Christophe Kantcheff
Journalist, critic, deputy editor-in-chief of Politis

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