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United-States, 2011

Original music : Bryin Dall Production : Marie Losier

Programmed by Line Peyron


“The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye” retraces the story of artist Genesis Breyer P-Orridge and their wife and artistic partner Lady Jaye, who, through love, decide to merge into a single entity. A major artist from New York’s avant-garde scene for the last 30 years and considered one of the fathers of industrial music, Genesis defied the limits of art and biology. In 2000, Genesis began a series of operations to become the spitting image of Lady Jaye – a risky, ambitious and subversive performance. “The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye” describes this ultimate act of love and devotion.

Tënk's opinion

A queer love story: Genesis, a trans and star of New York’s underground music scene falls in love with Lady Jaye. All-consuming passion that becomes art itself and where surgery is required as the ultimate lovers’ pact – to resemble each other, to be the loved one… Marie Losier chases after the moments of this life like a young groupie, camera in hand, trying not to miss any of the banal events of star musicians who take the bus, train and plane, who talk at home as they put on their make-up and who turn their love into their artistic masterpiece. It’s like we’re watching a succession of music videos as Genesis distils his tales, little legends of pop music… It’s like we’re in a road movie about some band… and in the end, it’s a tragedy that we witness.
Where’s the past? Where’s the future? Surgery, transsexuality and death seek a future where love and art will be incarnated in an artifice that we’d all like to believe is true.



Claire Simon



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