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Mexico,United-States,Denmark, 2016

Production : Marie Losier, CPH:DOX, Cine Tonala

Programmed by Claire Simon


Three women, three sisters, three professional Luchadoras, members of the Moreno dynasty: Rossy, Esther and Cynthia are competitive wrestlers in the ring. But they also bring Lucha Libre into their lives, wrestling with knives, pigs’ heads, flowers and feathers! Bim Bam Boom!

Tënk's opinion

These three sisters, fake blondes and “lucha libre” wrestlers, are filmed by Marie Losier’s benign and childlike camera, whose elegance derives from its playful unsteadiness – we can hear the sound of the projector, reminding us of the fairground artifice of film, the early days of animated images, the childhood of life, as the three sisters fight on stage, parodying wrestlers with their quarrels and tempers in comic and choreographed exaggeration. The film’s like a beautiful, tangy sweet, playing on our desires, making us laugh and, more seriously, defining the body as eccentric, excessive and ultimately the only real thing around which one can embroider a life… A nomadic life of hassles, family bonds and fairgrounds.

Claire Simon

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