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Tunisia, France, 1974

Production : SATPEC, Dovidis

Programmed by Fabien David

French, English


The films of Georges Perec


Co-written by the late author and director Bernard Queysanne, who adapted Georges Perec’s original text, duly calibrated by the writers. A shared reflection and a very concerted approach give rise to an innovative, singular and timeless work. And this is the libretto (the film is constructed as a musical score in several movements): a student calls into question everything he does and all his plans, and voluntarily goes into a kind of hibernation. For several months, he lives like this, out of time and out of this world until the limitations and dangers of this radical experiment emerge, and he reluctantly returns to the land of the living. The story involves important formal and sound research into the underlying idea of “infra-ordinary” that was dear to Georges Perec.

Tënk's opinion

One of the most striking things about this film is the beauty of the images and the soundtrack composed of the sounds of the city (and the voice of Ludmila Mikaël), where inside and outside are dizzyingly intertwined and we lose all sense of time and space. We marvel at the ability of Perec (here with Bernard Queysanne) in every book and film to capture a moment, the atmosphere and details that characterise it, the objects and the words that colour it. We’re astounded each time by the many affinities between Perec and Jean Eustache – “The Man who Sleeps” so clearly contemporary with Eustache’s “La Maman et la Putain” (The Mother and the Whore). It also brings to mind the work of his contemporaries Alain Cavalier and Marguerite Duras. This film is a strange invitation on a journey – an immobile, hypnotic journey during which we sleepwalk and may well come across our double.

Fabien David
Programmer of Cinéma Le Bourguet in Forcalquier

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