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Belgium, 2008

Original music : Mathieu Labaye, Sébastien Godard Production : Camera etc.

Programmed by Caroline Châtelet


""Orgesticulanismus" is born from my family experience. For several years, my day-to-day life was shared with an immobile father, who suffered from multiple sclerosis. For me, the challenge of this film was to offer the spectator an experience around movement, based on an audio recording in which my father unveils his own experience of his disease and his immobility." (M.L.)

Tënk's opinion

"I think that, when moving, you take over your own life. (…) So, when you are deprived of the ability to move, as I am, as many others are… in order to survive, you need to reinvent movement." Such are the words heard, voice off, in the opening scene of "Orgesticulanismus", over a series of photographs of a man at all ages of life. The voice, the man, is the filmmaker’s father. And it offers a clearly programmatic testimony which the film strives to illustrate. Through use of animation – cinema which, in contrast with real-life shots creates movement, image by image – Mathieu Labaye invites us to observe a multitude of gestures and ways of interpreting them. Here, animation acts as a tool of exploration – up to abstraction – of the power of the imaginary, the whole reminding us that, although an exclusion from norms, disability obliges and paves the way towards other potentialities.

Caroline Châtelet
Journalist and critic



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