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France, 2008

Original music : Limousine Production : Autour de Minuit

Programmed by Éva Tourrent


A hot August day at the Lilas campsite at the foot of the Dune of Pilat in southern France

Tënk's opinion

The sun rising under the trees, a couple entwined in a tent, the radio announcing the results of the Olympic Games… In a kaleidoscope of glowing images and micro-stories, “Lila” takes us to spend day in August at the Lilas Campsite at the foot of the Dune of Pilat. The heady music from a band from the nearby Limousin region gives us a slightly surreal, dreamy sensation. Nevertheless, what could’ve been just a long music video manages to capture the essence of what constitutes the carefreeness and intensity of the summer: drinking pastis in the morning, plastic cutlery, girls putting on make-up in the Ladies’ toilets… and everywhere, the pleasure of being together, revealed by the group poses of people looking directly into the camera. After watching these 12 short minutes, we feel as dazed and moved as if we’d just had a holiday romance.

Éva Tourrent
Tënk artistic director

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