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France, 2014

Original music : eRikm Production : La Même Production

Programmed by Benoît Hické


After having co-signed the comic book "Mathilde, danser après tout" (Denoël Graphic, 2013) and the performance "Qu’est-ce qui nous arrive ?!?" (Montpellier Danse, 2013), choreographer Mathilde Monnier and cartoonist François Olislaeger co-sign an animation film in which they are also the main characters. At once a documentary, a dance movie and a choreographic cartoon, Lenz is based on their conversations and makes links between walking and dancing, real and stage, set design and landscape. An unprecedented way to watch contemporary dance through animated drawings, supported by the story of an internationally recognized choreographer and the agile lines of François Olislaeger.

Tënk's opinion

"On 20th January, Lenz crossed the mountain". Told in an unfinished short story by Georg Büchner, the story of this man from Switzerland who is looking to reach a village in the heart of the Vosges mountains inspired Mathilde Monnier for one of her finest performances, entitled "Déroutes". She tells the story of its elaboration in this short animated documentary, devised in confidential collaboration with the illustrator François Olislaeger. Together, as they lend their own voices to the film’s characters (magnificent trembling silhouettes, on the wire), they investigate walking and the multiple gestures it embraces. This dialogue is an extension of the one they began with the work, "Qu'est-ce qui nous arrive?!?" (What’s happening to us?!?), in which they already examined our relationship with the body and dance. How does a body stay standing? What happens when we fall or we jump? Is dance another way of crossing mountains? "Lenz" is a quite singular and open object, somewhere between dance film and a disturbing Socratic debate, or pedagogic experience, in the best sense of the term.


Benoît Hické
Programmer and professor



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