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France, 2021

Production : La Traverse

Programmed by Caroline Châtelet



Prix de l'Institut français / Louis Marcorelles - Cinéma du réel 20212021

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My friend Franck Venaille, a poet and radio man, died. Starting from the archives of his voice, I set out to make a film, as a form of mourning. Since his office was emptied, this film is the journey of two bereaved; his wife and I, guided by a voice, his own.

Tënk's opinion

Even before the first images, his absence is already there – “And without Franck Venaille”, the opening credits inform us. But the French poet, who lived discreetly and died in 2018, fills the film – he’s its heart and driving force. As his wife meticulously sorts through his documents as she empties his office with Martin Verdet, his movie director friend films. Superimposing other, older images when Venaille occupied this space and creating a montage of sound archives of the poet’s voice, Verdet offers up the voice, the thoughts and the presence of Franck Venaille. This approach brings to mind others, like Mallarme composing the poem “A Tomb for Anatole” after the death of his son in 1879. The film is both part of a literary tradition that seeks to capture the movement of disappearance and an intimate and poignant gesture. And poetry, which psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan described as “imaginarily symbolic”, here and in filmmaking, becomes the fabric to symbolise loss.

Caroline Châtelet
Journalist and critic

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