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Tunisia, Qatar, France, 2020

Production : Henia Production, La Huit Production, Rhesus Monkey Film

Programmed by Lysa Heurtier Manzanares


French, English

"Documentary Africa" programme - Cinéma du réel 2022

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Twelve years in the life of Mehrez, a gifted dancer and actor but also addicted to gambling and horse-racing. He struggles with himself and with the bewildering contradictions of his country. In his relentless quest for truthful emotions, Mehrez defies all established rules.

Tënk's opinion

Tunisian director Hamza Ouni offers us a new chronicle. In his previous documentary “El Gort”, he spent six years following two young Tunisian workers. Here, camera in hand, day and night, he films Mehrez as he dances, screams, loves and drinks. He captures his boundless energy, striking at the start of the film, but also the anger within it. We’re dazzled and challenged by Mehrez's body as it leaps around on stage, and by his hard, defiant words. He battles the inertia and fatalism he sees in Tunisia’s youth… unfortunately, with good reason. Then, after a spell in prison and the ensuing years of hassle, another face emerges. Hamza continues to accompany him in his less solitary, sometimes completely desperate struggle. The camera seems to support Mehrez in his journey – he’s not alone, he can carry on.



Lysa Heurtier Manzanares



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