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France, 2021

Production : Don Quichotte films, L'Intranquille, LLUM

Programmed by Olivia Cooper Hadjian



Mention spéciale du prix Loridan-Ivens / CNAP - Cinéma du réel 2021

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The LED on my webcam started flashing for no reason. Is it possible that an observer, a hacker, a friend or ghost is currently housed in my webcam? I embark on a series of video-calls to find out what this elusive entity wants with me.

Tënk's opinion

With its light, playful tone, and taking a mundane event as her premise, Alice Lenay’s film is a profound contemplation of the imaginaries of our day and age. The digital technology we use on a daily basis is too complex for us to understand properly, and its mysteries have become a source of fantasy examined by the filmmaker along with a series of accomplices. In the end, the flashing light seems to be just a pretext to start up a conversation and scrutinise the affects that flow through these machines of ours. While “Dear Hacker” highlights the limitations of screen-interaction, it also brings to light what happens at the interface – the restricted nature of information provides fertile ground for fantasy and a new form of beauty in the glitches and pixels.

Olivia Cooper Hadjian
Member of the Cinéma du Réel Selection Committee, critic for Les Cahiers du Cinéma

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