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Lithuania, 1991

Original music : Vidmantas Bartulis Production : Studio Kinema

Programmed by Arnaud Hée

Without dialogue

The films of Audrius Stonys


An expressionist approach to the world of the blind and their loneliness.

Tënk's opinion

This film that brought acclaim and recognition to Audrius Stonys has what’s called a subject: blindness. In total contrast to what a conventional film would do, it’s not the aim of this movie to address the subject but instead approach it via the sensitivity offered by cinema – and there’s no lack of that in Stonys’ hands. The way the fragments are laid out plunges us into a melancholy dream world in black and white, adrift from reality –an impression that the soundtrack with its deviations, voids and silences accentuates even more. After the Soviet era where the official voice weighed so heavily on images to impose an unequivocal meaning on them, this film is created without words, as though it were starting over from a new primitive age.

Arnaud Hée
Programmer, teacher and critic

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