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Italy, 2005

Production : CISA Conservatorio Internazionale di Scienze Audiovisive, MIR Cinematografica Srl

Programmed by Daniela Persico


French, English

The films of Alina Marazzi


"Forever" examines the reasons that spur certain women to choose a religious life within a monastic community. The film starts with the fundamental question that prompts the film director to confront this reality: how is it possible, today, for a woman to make an extreme and permanent choice, a choice that will last forever?

Tënk's opinion

Is it still possible to say “forever” in these modern times? Through this question, the filmmaker enters the walls of cloistered convents, offering an unexpected portrait of those who live there today. Conversations take on the circular pace of a community that still seems capable of responding in one, unique voice. There is a new member among them. She distinguishes herself from the group and, in her company, conversation becomes more in-depth, full of questions that resound between the interviewer and the interviewed. It is difficult to stop when the mind begins to look further and further, in a quest for meaning amidst a deluge of incessant questions. A familiar portrait of women whose resolute choice calls into question the present, leading some to take different paths. 

Daniela Persico
Programmer and critic

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