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France, Burkina Faso, Belgium, 2020

Programmed by Madeline Robert


He survived the crossing. Coming from Ivory Coast, he now lives in Italy. But he dreams of France and is ready to do anything to get there.

Tënk's opinion

Joël Akafou has already filmed Bourgeois, his “hero”, in an earlier movie (“Vivre Riche”, 2017). We met him as part of a group of young “brouteurs” living off small-scale internet scams from their shared room in Abidjan. In “Traverser”, we now follow him as he attempts the “adventure” of getting to Europe. His trip, strewn with twists and turns, is transformed by the filmmaker’s perspective into an extraordinary tale that leads him to revise his fantasies of Europe and question his resourcefulness. By describing Bourgeois’ disappointments despite his smooth talking and charm (which don’t really work on a different continent), Akafou offers a perspective turned resolutely inwards. A different, novel and unique perspective of the experience of South-North migration.

Madeline Robert
Producer, programmer for ‘Docmonde’ at Les États Généraux

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