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Czech Republic, 2020

Production : Moloko Film, Frame Film

Programmed by Julia Pinget



The Animal Trail, Connecting Us


Wolves have been slowly returning to the Broumov countryside in the Czech Republic, 200 years after its extermination. For some people it marks the hope of a balanced nature, for others it means the return of an ancestral fear for their cattle. A deep divide arises in the lives of the locals.

Tënk's opinion

Wolves at the Borders embodies the echo chamber of our complex and antagonistic relationship with the wild. The director astutely tackles the deep divisions caused by the re-emergence of the wilderness. The industrial farmer, the peasant farmer, the politician and the ecologist are the protagonists of this film reminiscent of a Greek tragedy in that the situation it describes seems irreconcilable. Scare them, dissuade them or kill them is hammered home as the only possible way to deal with these wild creatures. But other voices emerge during the film, seeking to find or invent different ways to cohabit. And there’s the young man, a wolf tracker, who imitates their howl in an attempt to open up a dialogue with them, an enigmatic character bent double in a potential representation of this animal at the borders.

Julia Pinget, Director
Brieuc Mével, Coordinator of a cultural season


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