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France, 2006

Production : Marie Voignier

Programmed by Julia Pinget



The Animal Trail, Connecting Us


Each year, between October and March, a black cloud of starlings swoops down on the Locarno region in Brittany. The birds ravage crops and plunder farms. Farmers relate their various attempts, some of which are not entirely legal, to chase them away or kill them. The birds thrive. They perform magnificent choreographies above the pines. But their amazing mass makes this phenomenon as harrowing as it is mysterious.

Tënk's opinion

Starlings, also known as field rats, are unpopular birds. Considered pests, they often arouse disgust and rejection. Marie Voignier places her camera in front of several farmers who have to deal with this problem. Like organised criminals, these birds go on a rampage in an area, leaving the inhabitants helpless. During the course of the film, the farmers gradually fall silent, none of them finding the words to describe the situation, reflect on it or discuss it. It’s as though no dialogue, no diplomatic means can clear a path towards a solution. Faced with this impossible situation, the protagonists can only fight back with the sound of cannon fire.

Julia pinget Director
Brieuc Mével Coordinator of a cultural season


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