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Belgium, France, 2020

Production : CVB (Centre Vidéo de Bruxelles)

Programmed by Stéphane Bonnefoi


Nathalie, a shepherdess in the foothills of the Cévennes, is learning how to kill her animals. The film follows the gestures of a farmer who loves and eats her sheep with care. She is caught up in a relentless questioning about how to die well for these beings who make us live. What does tenderness taste like?

Tënk's opinion

This film represents a chapter in artist Elsa Maury’s research into pragmatic ecology, focusing on the life and death of livestock. The entire film is confined to the sole universe of shepherdess Nathalie’s flock of sheep, the care she takes of her animals, observing their wellbeing, treating them if needed and looking after each creature in both life and death. Nathalie has a very lofty idea of what her job should be, and that’s why she wants to be able to care for her animals throughout their lives until they’re slaughtered. The shepherdess tries to find her own place in the flock, playing the role of negotiator, respecting her sheep and the life that flows through their veins. The rostrum sequences dotted through the film highlight this role, putting the viewer at the heart of her diplomatic approach, to borrow Baptiste Morizot’s apt expression – for in the end, what matters is the life of her entire flock from start to finish. 

Julia Pinget, Director
Brieuc Mével, Coordinator of a cultural season

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Item 1 of 4