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Switzerland,United-Kingdom, 2018

Production : Maximage GmbH Filmproduktion

Programmed by Julia Pinget



The Animal Trail, Connecting Us


An inspired collaboration between filmmakers Emma Davie and Peter Mettler, Becoming Animal is a different kind of nature film, tracing how we sense the ‘more than human’ world and exploring how it also senses us. An immersive audiovisual quest, it traces a journey to the Grand Teton Park in North America with the influential American environmental philosopher David Abram (The Spell of the Sensuous) to explore how the written word and technology has affected how we see. We pique our senses to witness the so-called natural world — which in turn witnesses us, prompting us to reflect on the very essence of what it means to inhabit our animal bodies.

Tënk's opinion

Peter Mettler’s and Emma Davie’s filmmaking scrutinises and reveals glimpses of the trappings of our perception now equipped with tools that seem to make us blind and deaf to the world around us. “The technologies intervene between our sensing bodies and the sensuous Earth in such a way that we begin interacting with the technology and forgetting that there is a wider, more-than-just-human world.” Abram’s thinking progresses, taking us with him in an attempt to explore and understand the living world through our sensations. How are we connected to the reality around us? By touching, breathing, smelling and feeling before this reality – our reality – eventually escapes us completely.

Julia Pinget, Director
Brieuc Mével, Coordinator of a cultural season


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