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Netherlands,France, 2019

Original music : Steve Roden Production : GREC - Groupe de recherche et d'essais cinématographiques

Programmed by Julia Pinget



The Animal Trail, Connecting Us


Winter 2018, Amsterdam, constellation of the Dog. I run through seventeen kilometers of archives looking for beasts. Six hundred and twenty-three fragments of silent film, anonymous images assembled by the EYE film institute under the title “Bits and Pieces”. But for me they are crumbs from our feast of beasts.

Tënk's opinion

In this movie made up of archive footage, Muriel Pic explores what humans, through film, were looking for in their relationship with animals in the 20th century as they hunt, observe and touch… The voices of Maurice Merleau-Ponty and Jean-Christophe Bailly give us food for thought. As Bailly says, “Each animal species makes a different film in a certain way, and what we could call nature would be the sum total of these films”.

Julia Pinget, Director
Brieuc Mével, Coordinator of a cultural season


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