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France, 2019

Original music : Nicolas Repac Production : Petit à Petit Production, Les films de la caravane

Programmed by L'équipe éditoriale de Tënk



Tënk is 5 years old!


The annual General Assembly includes a tour of the new building and lively debates about running Tënk. In Paris, Jean-Marie Barbe presents the project to help produce films. In the village, winegrowers Manu and Vincent begin shipping their wines, farmer Patrice Bauthéac and his girlfriend get married, and the Tënk team deals with the lack of time and money (Episode 7). It’s almost time to move into the new building, and solutions to pay off the loan begin to emerge. Jean-Marie Barbe falls ill and his absence leaves a gaping void (Episode 8). Tënk has cash-flow problems and needs to find new funding and the team evolves. Meanwhile, it’s harvest-time in the fields (Episode 9). The Imaginaïre building is officially opened with the villagers, bringing together the farming village and the documentary village (Episode 10).

Tënk's opinion

"Since the late 1970s, Lussas (population 1000) in the South Ardeche has been home to various activities involving documentaries (the États Généraux du Film Documentaire festival, teaching, production, distribution, a resource centre, etc.). Most of these activities were instigated by Jean-Marie Barbe, born in the area and now a local figure, whose parents used to run the village shop. From 2015 to 2018, Claire Simon planted her camera in our premises to follow Tënk’s creation. Recording both everyday life and the key moments of setting up the Tënk platform, the series looks beyond this single angle to embrace the life of two villages – although only one is mentioned in the title, we see that two villages cohabit and cross over, the farming village and the documentary village. Between them, disparities and things in common emerge. And then there are the crucial questions of funding, the attempt to find meaning for each project, and the desire for coherence between the values defended and their implementation.

“Le Village”, this long-term chronicle, shows in the form of afascinating human comedy the invisible worlds that are often shot through with paradoxes. The issue of transmission, like that of hierarchical relationships, crops up in many episodes. Above all, by offering the filmmaker’s vision, free from naïve idealism, of the area she examines, “Le Village” reminds us of cinema’s capacity to influence reality, to transform it and shape it. In addition to the accounts (a thousand miles from self-promotion), it tells us how documentaries affect the world. The series itself ends up participating in the future of the villages (and, therefore, of Tënk!), sometimes disrupting what’s happening there."

Tënk's editorial team

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