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France, Italy, United-Kingdom, 1989

Production : Les Films d'Ici

Programmed by Pascale Paulat, Christophe Postic



Tënk celebrates Christmas


“Route One links Canada to Key West in Florida. In 1936 it was the most travelled route in the world. In 1988, it runs beside super highways and through suburbs, cutting through the old dreams of the country. During five months shooting along this route, I did not have the impression of filming the past, but rather of revealing the present. From the shadows of the interchanges, the town centres of glass and steel stand out against the horizon like studio décors. We were in the present, affronting difficult times.” (R. K.)

Tënk's opinion

This return-to-roots journey across America, after years of absence, threads its way from one encounter to the next, gathering together piecemeal images to build up a political, social and historical map of the nation at that time. "Bob and Doc" are our guides: the filmmaker-actor duo who observe, chat and contemplate their way along. The fictional strand to this film odyssey is a powerful trigger for setting reality in motion, adding substance to each situation, and weaving a contemporary tale that calls us to jump aboard, side by side with these two travel companions.




Pascale Paulat and Christophe Postic
Artistic co-directors of the festival
of the États généraux du documentaire film festival in Lussas




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