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France, 1998

Programmed by Arnaud Lambert


Spoken word


Laure Adler interviewe Pierre Bourdieu, le 6 avril 1998. Depuis son bureau du Collège de France, le sociologue revient sur sa discipline, « gai savoir » nécessaire à la compréhension du monde, évoque le phénomène de la « croyance » et ses redoutables effets en politique, avant de s’étendre sur ses propres prises de position et engagements.

Tënk's opinion

Pierre Bourdieu was 68 when this interview was filmed, and at a point where his notion of commitment took on a wholly new meaning. He was a key figure in the general strikes in France in 1995, and his political involvement forced him to rethink his intellectual stance. He begins the interview with a long explanation of how sociology, as he saw it, is a scientific cause, and describes the opposition it faced, mainly from the ruling elite. By the end, he emerges as someone deeply troubled by the social as well as political tensions stirring up society at the time – tensions which are still so painfully resonant for today’s audience, some twenty years on.

Arnaud Lambert

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