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France, 1972

Programmed by Arnaud Lambert


Spoken word


Few philosophers can pride themselves on having as much of an impact as Ivan Illich on 20th century social sciences. The provocative standard-bearer for intellectual nonconformity, he discusses his commitment to “deschooling” and details the pillars of his innovating thinking based on conviviality and counterproductivity.

Tënk's opinion

Like Jacques Ellul, Ivan Illich was a philosopher who’s constantly being rediscovered as the world hurtles towards its ruin. His extraordinary career (he was a priest for a while before resolutely castigating the ecclesiastic institution) and radical proposals (he was author of “Deschooling Society”) led him along dizzying paths. The film superbly translates the intensity of his thinking, always on a knife-edge, combining humour, knowledge and poetry and often disconcerting for our policed thoughts! Behind the charm lies a radical criticism of the society in which we still live. Ahead of his time, Illich understood that our world is not limitless. What he targets is the ideology of growth that structures our social imaginary (always wanting more, always faster), and with it, the established and thus uncritical institutions (school, health) that support this belief in the infinite competition of people and goods.

Arnaud Lambert

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