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France, 1975

Programmed by Arnaud Lambert


Spoken word


Hannah Arendt, philosophe américaine d’origine allemande, revient sur des points forts de sa pensée. Elle évoque tour à tour : la Constitution américaine, la notion d’État Nation, l’évolution politique des sociétés contemporaines avec notamment l’affaire du Watergate, la notion de raison d’état, l’avenir du libéralisme, l’existence d’Israël et l’identité juive, le totalitarisme.

Tënk's opinion

French state television interviewed Hannah Arendt in 1974, the year before she died, and here is the film, shot from a skyscraper overlooking Manhattan. The backdrop of New York plays a crucial role: Arendt is silhouetted against a city ablaze with evening sun, creating a twilight effect that tinges her words with dusky tones, only further brought out by the music of Alain Kremski. Arendt gives a detailed account of how the concept of ‘National Security’ gradually took hold in the US, striking a familiar chord with today’s political landscape.

Arnaud Lambert

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