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Morocco,France, 2013

Original music : Hisham Hattab Production : Djinn Productions, Label Video

Programmed by Olivier Barlet





Like a spirit that refuses to die, the old Medina of Casablanca, embodied by a Voice, leads us to its inhabitants whose life stories, captured in the heart of their daily lives, reveal a true universal human tragedy, where the poetry of the drama is always present. The rejection of others, injustice, survival, and coping with life since the dawn of time, are all part of them, but there is also: the beauty, the poetry of the place, the tremendous energy, the joy and the rage to live! This film is a tale, it is one of the possible accounts of the Medina, a way of rubbing shoulders with recent social history and of making cinema with it.

Tënk's opinion

In her films, Dalila Ennadre’s empathetic camera gives voice to those who have no voice. Here, Casablanca’s Medina is a character in its own right. Its alleys are its body and its poetic voice opens its ears to its inhabitants. This distance is a discreet way of introducing us to the neighbourhood where the director was born, revealing her relationship with the place. She films the forest of satellite dishes that symbolise a model of happiness that’s frustrating for the young people that can’t achieve it. “Listen to my people living!” Saadia, Adil, Yacine, Zohra, Zineb, Rahma, Abderrahmane, Abdelsamad and the good-humoured blind man Boujemâa are the paragons of an impoverished society that idolises the King but criticises the corrupt men around him. Everyone wants to work and love. Dalila Ennadre converses with them as she would a friend. In this intimacy, she captures the pain, it’s true, but also the impressive resilience of these people who just want to be able to be part of humanity.

Olivier Barlet
Film critic and editor for Africultures

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