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France, 2015

Programmed by Lysa Heurtier Manzanares


French, English



“Magna Graecia - Europa Impari” est un portrait de l’Europe en temps de récession économique, sociale et culturelle. Si la Calabre (en Italie du Sud) fut jadis le berceau de notre modernité, la “Grande Grèce”, elle a aujourd’hui le caractère d’une marge. Le film est un portrait en cinq tableaux de conversations interrogeant cinq valeurs importantes de notre démocratie : les femmes, l’immigration, le racisme, la police et la justice.

Tënk's opinion

How can we live together in an era of such upheaval torn by comings and goings? This is the question that worries and inflames the people in this documentary, who speak out strongly about the need to bring words into action in their daily lives. Their commitment is written all over their faces, which are shot through with the pain of survival, but also hope. A hope that is at times fragile, at other times elated, but which runs throughout this feature-length film nonetheless, filling it with a tender, heart-warming glow.


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