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Morocco, France, 2018

Production : Les Films comme ça

Programmed by Olivier Barlet


French, English



In Morocco, in the Azilal Province, the mountain is becoming a desert, on the ecological and demographic side. Electricity is arriving at the center of this remote regions, and meets with a strong and fragile world. While the electricity is arriving to the hamlets and the sheepfolds, the inhabitants are still migrating to the city…

Tënk's opinion

What stands out in Ivan Boccara’s vision is his respect for others. It would be easy to sell audiences scenes of fascination with progress. On the contrary, he shows us people who are fully aware, who plan and calculate, who are also taking stock of the future struggle to keep what they’ve built that’s essential in the relationships between them. It’s not progress that determines their alienation or leads to loss, but inequality. These people of the mountains have to get by on their own to improve their lives and keep their children from leaving. Boccara is no self-confident movie director facing the naivety of savages, the hateful hierarchy that reigns over the ethnocentrism of perspective. Motivated by his shared origins, his eye listens. He takes his time, putting himself in exactly the right place, attentive without intruding. This is a lesson in filmmaking.

Olivier Barlet
Film critic and editor for Africultures

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