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France, 2020

Production : La Clairière Ouest, Prova Films, Tënk

Programmed by Alizée Mandereau


French, English



Following a local election campaign day after day in Predappio, Mussolini’s hometown, Grano Amaro recounts the journey of two amateur candidates in an election whose are stakes much bigger than them. The campaign soon becomes solely focused on the big question of Mussolini’s heritage: what to do with the dictator’s tomb? The film recounts the struggle for the town hall, which had been administered by the left since 1945 and could fall into the hands of the far right.

Tënk's opinion

What to do with the dark zones, the ones that burden us, the ones we refuse? Such is the underlying question offered by ‘Gran Amaro’ throughout the electoral campaign which, on its own scale, conveys larger European political issues. Passing from one candidate to the next, the presence of those the defending left win leaders are eager to force out of the campaign, gradually becomes increasingly tangible. To start with, Mussolini, and the persistence of fascism, but also the left–wing incumbent mayor, a local political monster and an asserted paternalist.
In its own way, each side is faced with its own tutelary figure. Then the question of legacy arises, and the right wing currently seems more at ease with its past…
So what do we do with the dark zones? It appears that they need to be tackled head on. Failing which they reappear, occupying the entire space.

Alizée Mandereau
Tënk's Head of production

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