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Italy, France, 2016

Production : Liberame

Programmed by Claudia Maci


French, English



Every day, in a small village in Sicily, Father Cataldo welcomes dozens of suffering visitors from the four corners of Italy. His mission: to deliver them from evil, by all means… An incredible delve into exorcism today.

Tënk's opinion

In ‘Liberami’, Federica Di Giacomo offers a journey through time and space, thrusting us into a parallel world, virtually provoking a short-circuit for the spectator. It is a world based on exorcism, in which the sacred and the profane rub shoulders, and where folly and normality become inseparable. This film by the anthropologist Di Giacomo, focusses less on faith and religious rites to chase the presumed demonic habitation of a person, than on human fragility, successfully dealing with a delicate subject, aside from the modern world, with neither judgment nor absurdity of tone. The social importance of the phenomenon prevails in the film’s discourse, hence bearing witness to the way in which exorcism, and the figure of the priest behind this practice become a form of assistance and healing for lost souls.

Claudia Maci
Managing Director of Festival dei Popoli

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