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24 days


France, Italy, 2016

Production : Baldanders Films, Film Flamme, Koiné Film

Programmed by Line Peyron


French, English



At the confines of the European world, we are in Caulonia, a village so poor that its residents abandoned it, before African migrants settled down there. Two black children, Gift and Miracolo, inject a new playfulness into this deserted landscape. Through a light-hearted _dispositif _midway between documentary and fiction, what follows is an attempt to break what remains unsaid about the otherness of the new arrivals.

Tënk's opinion

There are some places that seem to be forgotten. Time seems to stand still and spaces are free to be reconquered. Most people have left Caulonia, and the children roam the streets and ask themselves why nature created flowers? To bring some fantasy into the world!
There’s also fantasy in the invitation that Luigi Brandi offers these inhabitants. Games become a way to reappropriate this place, somewhat reminiscent of the problems and dramatic situations that take place on the edge of this European world. The violence is real, but the poetry that everyone invents for themselves gives strength and creates a common language: eeny meeny miny moe…

Line Peyron
Head of diffusion of Tënk

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