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Italy, Germany, 2013

Original music : Dario Moroldo Production : Detailfilm, Videomante

Programmed by Claudia Maci


Silver Screen


At 27, Enea is a young man with normal needs. What’s less normal is his unusual way of expressing them. He carries his desire for women like a banner. Enea is autistic, often unstable and incapable of interpreting the reactions of the women he approaches in the street. First he must learn that it won’t exactly be the woman of his dreams like the ones he sees in magazines who’ll say yes. Since he’s never had sex, his friends Alex and Carlo, the film’s director, want to help him. Together they take a road trip in an old VW Combi from Italy via Austria to Germany – because there’s a place there where people like Enea with a “special need” can literally find their own path towards sexuality.

Tënk's opinion

Enea wants to experience his “first time” with a woman and, when asked “What’s missing from your life?” his answer is “Love!” In his first film, Carlo Zoratti as both director and protagonist, portrays a journey with his friend Enea, a young autistic man in search of carnal and spiritual love, and he does it without the shame that usually accompanies the issue of sex and disability. The trip turns into an existential journey that’s crucially important for both of the film’s protagonists. In a surge of emotions that veer between the comic and the very moving, Zoratti puts himself in front of the camera and, frankly and without hypocrisy, tells us of Enea’s dream, the attempt to make it come true with a little help from his friends, and the reciprocal and lasting discovery that surprises them during their journey to Germany – a journey that also takes them to a new awareness of love and how to experience emotional bonds.

Claudia Maci
Managing Director of Festival dei Popoli

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