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France,Cambodia, 2013

Original music : Marc Marder Production : CDP - Catherine Dussart Productions, Bophana Production

Programmed by Jean-Marie Barbe


Silver Screen


“For many years, I have been looking for the missing image: a photography taken between 1975 and 1979 by the Khmer Rouge (Red Cambodians) as they were ruling over Cambodia… On its own, of course, an image cannot prove mass murdering, but it gives us thoughts, brings us to meditate; writes down History. I searched for it vainly in the archives, in old papers, in the countryside of Cambodia. Today I know: this image must be missing. So I created it. What I give you today is neither an image nor the search for a unique image, but the image of a quest: the quest that cinema allows.”

Tënk's opinion

In Rithy Panh’s work, each film is the opportunity for a new aesthetic and spiritual stage, a return to life. But making a film about the past when there aren’t the right images, only from those Khmer Rouge propaganda, doesn’t solve the author’s problem of how to represent tragedy when the pictures are missing, for a man who, over time and through his films, is ready to portray his own story at last.
With this specific challenge in this specific spot, the ingenuity of this film bursts into life – introducing and filming figurines of painted clay, sober and potent. We might think this is yet another animation technique, but no! These ostensibly childish figurines are static, and a subtle sound composition based on a voiceover animates them. It’s the documentary audio narration that gives them life and movement.  The missing pictures are, in essence, where cinema invents reality, and this film is probably one of the most powerful representations of the irrepresentable.

Jean-Marie Barbe
Producer, Editorial Coordinator of Tënk and Co-founder of the États Généraux du Film Documentaire de Lussas

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