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France, 2017

Production : ARCHIPEL 35, Buddy Movies

Programmed by Olivier Barlet


Silver Screen


On 31 March, 2016, Place de la République, in Paris, the “Nuit Debout” movement was born. During three months, people converged from all horizons to passionately attempt to invent a new form of democracy.

Tënk's opinion

Discussing and coming to an agreement is the complicated challenge of this Assembly. The various commissions give accounts of their studies. The reactions are framed by coded gestures and an allocated time to speak. But is the Assembly an arena for proposals or a decision-making body? The debates multiply the tensions, stalemates and compromises. How can we listen to each other without being divided? And how do we construct an initiative despite our differences?  
Mariana Otero, an immersed and diligent spectator attentive to the people and respecting the chronology, prefers focusing on these participative democracy issues than on the celebrities who were there. Les Nuits Debout thus emerge as an area for pluralist discussion rather than the imposition of a school of thought. Nothing is simple, and what Otero extracts from her 70 hours of rushes simply describes a complex momentum that’s struggling to gather pace and construct a different political practice…

Olivier Barlet
Film critic and editor for Africultures

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