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Qatar,Germany,France, 2017

Original music : Florent Marchet Production : Les Films du Poisson

Programmed by Pierre Oscar Lévy


Silver Screen


“Plot 35 is a place that was never mentioned in my family; it is where my elder sister, who died aged three, is buried. The sister about whom I was told nothing, or nearly nothing, and of whom my parents had oddly never kept a single photograph. It was to make up for the missing images that I decided to make this film. Thinking that I would simply chronicle a forgotten life, in fact I opened up the hidden door to a past that I was unaware of, to the subconscious memory that lies inside each of us and who makes us what we are.”

Tënk's opinion

A family secret is not only defined as a hidden story. Its telling remains forbidden and voluntarily incomprehensible for those that are part of it. This documentary methodically tackles his quest for the truth as the author, calmly, thoughtfully and insistently tries to solve the riddle. What is being censured? It’s a very private story, like the one almost all of us have. With the necessary distance and detachment for his investigation, the director plays the role of detective (he’s an actor by trade). He compares the fate of his family with the vagaries of history and gradually erases any assigning of blame. Eventually, the violence to which he gently subjects his parents solves part of the riddle by creating a kind of reparation. I’ve always thought that documentaries, like any work of art, repair the world.

Pierre Oscar Lévy

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