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France, 2016

Original music : Armand Amar Production : Pathé, MC4

Programmed by Éva Tourrent


Silver Screen


A few secret places still exist today in France. This film is a personal quest, the story of a madcap gamble taken by an impassioned dreamer, an anti-hero capable of breaking down any barrier to reach his goal of meeting wild wolves in their natural habitat. After three years spent camping out in the field in all weathers, the director manages to track down the wolves’ trail. Little by little, he observes and creeps closer before eventually being accepted by the pack. Against all odds, the magnificent predators offer up a glimpse of their private lives to this strange character. But the film also raises the question of the limitations of this closeness.

Tënk's opinion

Just for once, we’re putting on an amazing show with some very special guests: an owl, some ibexes and breathtaking landscapes. But the strangest animal in this film is without doubt the obstinate man who spends years camping wild in improbable places, camouflaged under the trees or roaming the mountains with a single aim: to meet wolves in their natural habitat. “Since they spend their time surveying their territory, I’ll do the same, I’ll piss everywhere.” In funny and poignant moments, Jean-Michel Bertrand tries to think as an animal. And then suddenly, in a sudden role reversal, the tracking changes… What if it were the wolf following the trail of the man and observing him? This is much more than an animal documentary – it’s an encounter with a very colourful character, a film in the first person, endearing, sincere and one to watch with the whole family.

Éva Tourrent
Tënk's Artistic Director

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