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France, 2012

Production : Studio Penny Lane, Kouz production, Lylo post-production, Supersonicglide

Programmed by Benoît Hické

Hungarian, English


Silver Screen


Consisting of archival material (Super 8 footage, interviews, and images of Budapest), “East Punk Memories” is based on the testimony of twelve former punks. At the end of the 1980s, they expressed their rage against the regime and awaited with hope a change to the system. What has become of them twenty years later? A resurgence of nationalism, unbridled capitalism, a confusion of political vision from bot the left and the right… How do they experience the current crisis?

Tënk's opinion

An astounding documentary that’s generational, political and very rock & roll. In the late 1980s, director Lucile Chaufour filmed a group of punks in Budapest. With their provocative dress and through their songs, they expressed their anger with the regime despite bearing the brunt of repression and police intimidation. They all pinned their hopes on a change of regime. Twenty years later, the director meets up with them again. What’s become of them? How did they experience the fall of the Berlin Wall and becoming part of the market economy? How is the current crisis affecting them? Via the dissonances, the repositioning and the contradictions that emerge during their accounts, we understand how the market economy has locked the Hungarian population into an ambivalent situation. Between the liberal left’s dismantling of the benefits of socialism and the nationalistic isolationism of a right wing that calls itself “social”, the traditional boundaries between left and right have given way to an ideological confusion that we now need to confront. This film paves the way for an intense contemplation of the strengths and misguided paths of past struggles and anger, more urgent now than ever…

Benoît Hické
Programmer and professor

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