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Finland, France, 2017

Original music : Éric Bentz Production : Arte France, Making Movies Oy, Seppia

Programmed by Jérémie Jorrand


English, French

Silver Screen


In the middle of the Siberian taiga, seven hundred kilometres from the nearest village, two families have settled: the Braguine and the Kaline. They live self-sufficiently, following their own rules and principles. In the middle of the village, a barrier. The two families refuse to speak to each other. On an island in the river, another community has formed: that of the children. Free, unpredictable, wild. Amid the fear of the other and of wild beasts, and the joy offered by the immensity of the forest, a cruel tale plays out, in which tension and fear outline the geography of an ancestral conflict.

Tënk's opinion

Clément Cogitore travelled far, as far as Siberia to find his characters - the Braguine family, who have lived for decades, totally self-sufficient, in the depths of the taiga. With them and the landscape, he sets the scene of the dramatic elements of his film: a chosen camp, within which those who live uphold a simple life, that is respectful of its environment. The river forms the frontier, separating them from sworn enemies, accomplices of the ‘corrupt’ who come to poach in the forest with their helicopters laden with rifles. And in the middle, a form of innocence, where children from both camps dare to rub shoulders, failing the right to fraternise.
It is a film of the trenches, of adventure, it is a western, and an insight into a mad and spectactular place, where skinning a bear can be an occasional necessity.

Jérémie Jorrand
Tënk's Editorial and programming Director

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