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Netherlands, 2014

Production : Cobos Films, Avro

Programmed by Jean-Marie Barbe

Dutch,Flemish, English, German, Spanish


Silver Screen


In 2013 the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra tours the whole world to celebrate its 125th anniversary: 50 concerts spread over 6 continents. Unbounded passion and love for music brings musicians and concertgoers together. Documentary maker Heddy Honigmann lands with the orchestra in Buenos Aires, Soweto and St Petersburg and shows how the ensemble succeeds in gaining the hearts of people with a different cultural background. A journey to the kernel and the power of music, which knows how to touch unexpected emotions and which, helps to overcome the pain of living.

Tënk's opinion

Here’s a symphonic film that doesn’t try and get us to love classical music directly, but instead, appreciate it through those who play it. The casting of the people that populate this film is excellent: although the film’s opening might leave us a little doubtful (there’s nothing exceptional about these musicians with their mundane problems, being away from their family during the tour, buying souvenirs, etc.), that’s the whole point, they’re banal enough for us to identify with them, so that we follow their lives as if they were friends, but friends who are determined and driven.
And this is where the director steps in, revealing two invisible and unforgettable elements: firstly, the musicians’ cooperative relationship, which means that individually, “they’re an instrument”, and collectively, they’re a symphonic orchestra.
And, more subtly, all these musicians literally “see the world in music”, and through them, we, too, see the world in music. The film exudes a very universal joy, and makes one thing very clear– cinema is music!

Jean-Marie Barbe
Producer, Co-founder of the États Généraux du Film Documentaire de Lussas


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