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France, 2019

Original music : Nicolas Mary Production : CNRS Images, France Télévisions

Programmed by Pierre Oscar Lévy





On the coast of Adélie Land is the Cape Prud’homme research station, a world outside the world that, during the southern summer, is home to less than a dozen people. Scientists, logistics coordinators, mechanics, a cook and a doctor make up a tiny society whose shared project is for scientific progress. Vincent is a glaciologist and has been part of this community for over ten years. Alongside him, we try and grasp the strength, beauty and fragility of these men’s commitment at the ends of the Earth.

Tënk's opinion

There’s nothing showy about this magnificent documentary that’s as modest as its main character. “Here, we love everybody” trumpets a note pinned up in the common room of the research station! And that’s what it’s all about: love for the world, for people, for meticulous, accurate work, commitment, and the willingness and dedication of an obscure scientist, like hundreds of thousands of others who measure and collect crucial data to understand the state of our planet. A while ago, I programmed “La Femme et le glacier” directed by Audrius Stonys, and this film is another tribute to scientists’ painstaking labours of love. Here is a man studying ice in Antarctica. This is a great yet calm documentary, with no pretention other than to present a chronicle of a job, but one that joins in the cry that we should all be giving: “There is an urgent need to change the whole social and economic organisation of the world to save humanity”.

Pierre Oscar Lévy

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