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Italy, 2019

Production : Giulia Cosentino, Re-Framing Home Movies, Cineteca Sarda

Programmed by Daniela Persico


French, English

Re-framing home movies


Through the editing of the shootings of a single filmmaker who portrays his wife and life, the woman narrates herself being in opposition to her husband’s world, a militant always far from home. A reworking of female status as a political act to tell that love is an act of acceptance of differences and that personal memories are part of the collective history.

Tënk's opinion

Men who film their girlfriends, their wives, their daughters… The women in the family are often the subject of family films: from this reflection stems the desire to render a voice to ‘I’, to that wife and that mother who see their roles midway between constraint and choice. In contrast, the world of ‘Lui’ belongs to the public dimension: political party militant, active in society, always travelling and far from home. He creates recollections, she is his memory. From a wealth of films by the same director, combined with audio material drawn from magnetic tapes from her own family archives, she offers a personal interpretation of these images to poetically elaborate a narrative on the absence of traces of the past, from a feminine viewpoint.

Daniela Persico
Programmer and critic
Alberto Diana

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